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Quality comes standard in everything we do

We are firm believers that the tiniest details can make the biggest impact. No matter what the project, we take to heart the small details because ultimately that is where our clients thrive. Mossio handles every project with the highest regard to quality. It's our passion along with designing experinces that people want to truly interact with.

Process comes first

We are process driven to the core. Everything we do has a process. It's the reason why we deliver successful project.

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We work with game changers

Mossio is where collaborative design, and impeccable culture meet to curate stunningly beautiful, easy to use interfaces and experiences. We’ve had the absolute honor to work with some of the world’s finest brands, making things that matter.

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Culture is key

At Mossio we have fun doing design because it's a passion that we love

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple that is why it’s so complicated.”
Paul Rand


what we did

  • UX Strategy
  • Mobile Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Information Architecture

Changing customer discovery and loyalty

MomentFeed is on a mission. A mission to reimagine customer discovery in the easiest, yet complex ways. MomentFeed’s platform connects national brands with local consumers in the communities they serve. Their service enables their clients to effectively deliver, relevant localized marketing at scale across thousands of locations.

Mossio was called on by Dereck Bowers, the head of product at MomentFeed to rethink their web based digital strategy. It didn’t take long to hit the ground running. Putting our heads together, pencils in hand, and ideas on paper, we started mapping out the project.

Mf intro wires

So much content to make user friendly

The application did not have a content shortage. In fact, the content was the main struggle. With so much content being curated by the communities, the challenge was creating visual hierarchy to terms that made sense to users. We crafted an experience that utilized a mosaic layout. We chose this route, because we wanted to separate content to have more of an airy feel. This improves readability and holds the users attention.

Mf local voice
Mf campaigns

User friendly campaigns

A big part of the MomentFeed application is company campaigns. The current state of the campaign creation process was something less than sub par. We were eager to get our hands dirty with this part of the project since it was super challenging. There was a lot of moving parts to this, and the right user experience was critical.

Mf campaign process
Mf campaign overview

Accessible anywhere.

A great deal of the MomentFeed customer base end user is on their mobile device, so it was critical to have the right user experience for people on the go. Mossio built an extremely easy to use version of the application for users on mobile. We also curated the interaction and motion design for the view transitions which are vital to any user experience.

Mf bottom


what we did

  • Research & Data Science
  • Product Planning
  • Ecosystem Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Product Design

Reimagining the sales pipeline

The SalesLoft platform is quite possibly the best sales tool that any company can have in it’s arsenal. In fact, Mossio was a customer of SalesLoft before they became a client. So naturally, we were more than excited to hear from them and for the possibility of engaging with them to rediscover their platform and make it so much more powerful.

When we got the email from Rob Forman, the COO of SalesLoft, we were beyond anxious to talk shop and see where Mossio could fit in to help them. It turned out to be a perfect fit. With having experience in the product, it was easy to discovery pain points from the start. There was a lot of work to be done and we were gearing up to dive in head first.

Sl intro

Perfecting the critical user path

With such a robust and enterprise platform, the challenge was thinking about a way to simplify the main tasks. We noticed right away from using the application previously, that it felt really disconnected going from task to task.

Our main objective was to make the app feel less intimidating, however we also wanted to have a more cohesive experience where the app felt comfortable to navigate through. Making certain aspects of the core task functionality global, was a big undertaking, but it was essential to the success of the project.

Sl dashboard
Sl company list
Sl company profile

Turning data into beautiful pixels

A big part of any sales process, is knowing the process is working. SalesLoft has integrated a set of reporting features that make that possible. Mossio was tasked with how those reporting features should look, what type of data would be visualized and how it would be structured to make sense to the user. We love getting our feet wet when it comes to data visualization and this was no different. We worked with the SalesLoft team to define what metrics to show and the filtering options users would have, and we got to work.

Sl reports overview
Sl reports process

Beautifully simplifying the workflow

Completing core tasks within the application is the heartbeat and bloodline. These task actions needed to feel comfortable to use, easy to read and non intrusive to the user as they could be multi-tasking. Widgets made it possible to have tasks available to the user that would not hinder multitasking capabilities. It was vital to discover the work flow early on in the process so that we could visually interpret what users would do. We also validated our assumptions with group user testing, and received amazing results.

Salesloft widgets

Young Americans for Liberty

what we did

  • Brand Development
  • Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • Development

Helping the young generation make their voice known

The Young Americans for Liberty organization is the largest, most active, and fastest pro-liberty organization on America's College campuses. YAL is looking to make the young movement known with over 804 chapters and 250,000 youth activists nationwide.

When Jeff Fazee, reached out to our team to help them with their digital strategy, we were honored and excited to be apart of such a great movement. We teamed up with YAL to help them identify, educate, train and mobilize young people committed to winning on principle. Mossio was also tasked with the front and back end development of this project. From a Drupal to WordPress migration, and custom plugin development, Mossio curated a true digital experience from start to finish.

Yal intro

Planning design around information architecture.

With so much content being delivered to so many chapters and members, it was critical to perfect the information architecture and curate an absolutely beautiful experience around content hierarchy. We did just that while taking it a step further to on board potential members and leaders to the YAL movement.

Yal resources

Catering to the user.

The YAL organization is made up of over 250,000 chapter members. So it was more than important to easily allow users to update and change their profile, along side seeing activity of other members in hopes of promoting the social aspect.

To promote the social aspect, Mossio created fun, intuitive user badges that helped boost the motivation of members to get more involved with their chapter and communities. We also designed a point and leaderboard system that introduced gamification into the platform.

Yal profile 1
Yal profile 2
Yal badges

Accessibility, functionality and pure gorgeousness

The YAL chapters are made up of on the move individuals, so when creating the user interface for both the front facing website and application, we had to be critical of the mobile experience as well. Mossio designed every screen for the mobile views separately to ensure we were hitting the mark when it came to the mobile viewers that were changing the world.

  • Yal mobile 1
  • Yal mobile 2
  • Yal mobile 3
  • Yal mobile 4
  • Yal mobile 5
  • Yal mobile 6

Designing for change

One of the best things about partnering with the Young Americans for Liberty organization to restructure their digital strategy was the known fact of designing and building something that has such an impact in our world and society. We are extremely honored to have been apart of this. Working with the YAL team proved to be an amazing collaboration effort and the proof is in the pixels.

The USA Exchange

what we did

  • Brand Development
  • Identity & Voice
  • Ecosystem Strategy
  • User Interface Design
  • Development

Making the platform for America's deals

The USA Exchange is looking to bring great deals to American cities and business owners alike. They have masterminded a platform that helps cities connect with their communities and business owners make more deals than ever before. Mossio worked with the team at The USA Exhchange to help them in their digital efforts of designing, building and launching the first kind of it's platform ever.

We are always looking to be apart of something bigger than ourselves. When we got the email from Andy Badolato, the CEO and executive director at USAX, we were extremely honored to explore the possibilities with their team. The Mossio crew was tasked with taking a roadmap to success document and translating that into viable design tasks. We also headed development efforts in collaboration with other partnerships. First we started on their branding and did a full discovery of what empowerment means for America.

Usa intro

Opportunities for growth is the game

A large portion of the USAX platform is to connect city business owners to a way where they can sell business opportunities and investments to their local communities. Mossio created the user interface and user experience models from scratch. Working closely with the USAX team, we curated the best possible experience while focusing on usability and beauty. Collaborative, we designed and iterated vital critical paths for the user from sign up to opportunity listings.

Usax dashboard
Usax dashboard list

The small details are important details

The project did not come with its lack of challenges. One of the biggest hurdles we had, was getting so much relative content displayed to users in an elegant way that didn't feel overwhelming. The interface had to feel clean, easy to navigate and most importantly easy to intake information. When providing users with so much information, it was vital for us to really think about the content architecture so that we were displaying what needed to be show in the most beautiful ways.

Usax business details
Usax company details

Creating the mobile experience

The mobile experience was just as important as a desktop experience. We created an exceptional user interface for mobile users that displayed content elegantly while focusing on the usability on small devices. With over 30 different views, it was a difficult task to undertake but one that proved to be valuable with over 60% of USAX users mobilized.

  • Usax mobile results
  • Usax mobile results menu
  • Usax mobile business details
  • Usax mobile menu
  • Usax mobile menu2
  • Usax mobile dropdown

Helping communities thrive

The final result of the project proved to be a success. We worked collaboratively with the USAX team to create an a true performance machine that helped cities, businesses and communities thrive, by harnessing the power of easy of use, beautiful design and implementation strategies.


what we did

  • Brand Development
  • Copyrighting
  • UX Strategy
  • Mobile Design

We helped make loyalty beautiful

Favorite Eats is changing the way people stay loyal to their preferred places to eat. Their platform easily enables its users to collect loyalty points at their most visited food places. No cards, no fuss. Just a simple way to earn points by dining in, or ordering out.

The Favorite Eats mobile application is vital to the customer experience and the success of the communities they serve. Mossio was called on by Glen Womble, the founder of Favorite Eats to create an exceptional user experience for the mobile application they were looking to deploy. We were excited to start exploring how we could help their team refocus their mobile efforts on a platform that was extremely usable, and at the same time super engaging and beautiful.

Faveats intro

Creating a funnel of loyalty goodness

Our initial brief was straight and to the point, and was it evident that Favorite Eats was building an epic app to rediscover loyalty. The project didn’t come with a lack of challenges. The biggest challenge was creating an experience that was simplistic while the overall user objective was complex. Discovering places near the user that were Favorite Eats locations, while populating loyalty points, rewards and specials, on only a few amount of screens proved to be an obstacle course.

We took the challenge on head first, diving into a UX strategy that simplified the process for users and created a useful user interface that was informative, easy to navigate. Navigation was a big concern, however we broke the app into phases, and went into discovery mode to figure out extensive navigation issues.

  • Faveats1
  • Faveats2
  • Faveats3

The heartbeat of the app

The discovery interface of the Favorite Eats mobile application, was the most important and vital piece that we worked on. This is the part of the app that users can utilize to discover places they’ve been to, new places, points earned and specials from restaurants. There was a lot of information to show but we had to devise a plan to simplify the information so it wasn’t an overload.

  • Faveats4
  • Faveats5
  • Faveats6
  • Faveats7
  • Faveats8
  • Faveats9

The proof is in the details

There are parts of the application that require the user input that are secondary tasks from the original task. So with that in mind, we wanted to design a modal system that functioned great and looked amazing. We designed the actions in mind that does not take the user’s attention away from the main task. Clean, sleek interactions also provided a way for us to inject animation into the app work flow as well.

Faveats bottom