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We're a fun bunch but we take design serious

We're makers and creators

Our skills are geared towards helping brands connect to their audience by combining discovery, beautiful interface design, and content to create exceptional experiences.

We believe talent is not the only card in our deck, while it can take us far, it won’t take us to the finish line. Our studio operates on values that drive us to be the best we can possibly be.

Stay humble

Sharing knowledge with those we can help and gaining knowledge from those around us is important. Learning from our mistakes is invaluable.

Never stop learning

The moment that we stop learning the capability of what we do best starts to diminish. Mossio operates on a 4 day work week, so Fridays are meant for learning new things and team building.

Work hard, play hard

Working hard is rewarding. Playing hard should be just as rewarding. The team here works at a sustainable pace making the small things in life more enjoyable, and the work much more effective.

People over profit

Design is our passion. We love being a part of something bigger than ourselves. Building products that make a difference in people’s lives is what drives us, more than any paycheck.

Along the way, we've worked with great companies

  • We brought to life The Atlanta Tech Village culture through digital strategy by improving their visual voice.

  • Our approach for seat selection and checkout process turned the user experience for Cirque du Soleil in a 180 degree, positive spin.

  • With Hyperdrive and Toyota, we collaborated to visualize measured data that was captured from vehicles to increase fuel efficiency.

  • We collaborated with SalesLoft to transform the sales game by intuitively creating a user experience around high quality features.

  • Working closely with the team, we transformed their brand into a more modern, reliable source where people can get help.

  • We worked with Weebly to redesign their themes so that they showcased the power, flexibility and capabilities behind the website builder.


Let's kick the tires and light the fires

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