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Micro releases and why they are important to your users

So you have a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, you have users and a great idea. That is the whole shebang, right?  Not really.  There is so much more that goes into it than just your great idea.  You have to have exceptional execution.  Ever heard the expression “An idea is just an idea…

Why we work remotely at Mossio and why it works

Here at Mossio, we have a mostly remote crew. We meet up a few times a year at conferences (like Creative South next month), retreats, and occasionally flying out to meet with clients. The rest of the time, we’re working from home or at our HQ Office in Dade City, Florida. Remote working may not…

How to hire and manage a remote team

Remote teams not only function differently in the day to day, but the types of people & personalities required for the job are a little different than in office environments. Some people may thrive in one or the other, while others simply tank. Here are some things we’ve learned about hiring, leading, and creating a…

Stop overworking yourself with a 5-day schedule

Investing in our team leads to greater success I bet you’re freaking out already! Why would our team not do any client work on Fridays? How much money are we losing by not invoicing clients for an entire day’s worth of work for every person on the team? The truth is, it’s an investment in our…


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