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Discovery & strategy, application design, user experience, user interface

Kiosk Connect is changing the way goods are available to consumers. They are creating the first ever store based kiosk that is completely digital and super convenient. The Kiosk Connect team reached out to Mossio to help them with their backend user interface for kiosk owners.

There was so much complexity involved in the roadmap of the application build out. It was on Mossio to make it simple with the use of good design and right strategies. We had a full discovery week with the Kiosk Connect team to discover their customer base so we could hit the ground running.

The product was in it's early stages so capturing the perfect user experience was not only needed, it was critical. Our discovery process made the entire project much more smooth and effective to reach the end goal.

Seeing how well the Mossio team puts together the designs for this application based on our documents is a breath of fresh air. This team is on point.
Rachel Weinstein - Director of Operations

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