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Micro releases and why they are important to your users

So you have a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, you have users and a great idea. That is the whole shebang, right?  Not really.  There is so much more that goes into it than just your great idea.  You have to have exceptional execution.  Ever heard the expression “An idea is just an idea without great execution”? It couldn’t ring truer in digital strategy. Especially when it comes to web and mobile applications that have active users that are paying you money for your service on a subscription basis.

Project planning is super important during the initial phases of these projects obviously, but a lot of the times execution after the MVP (minimal viable product) flys under the radar. While there is a lot going on after launch with bugs, support tickets, new subscriptions, cancellations, etc it makes it difficult to think about a roadmap for updates to current functionality and even introducing new functionality, however, it’s a necessary evil that must be done, or you critically can damage the success of your application.

Know what your users want

The key is knowing what your users want in features you deliver. After you know exactly what users are asking for, you then prioritize based on the level of requests, then take it a step further and prioritize those requests based on the complexity of the feature. Keep in mind all the aspects of the feature and include design to make it happen, this will give you a clear idea of how long it will take from ideation to production.

What if users don’t know what they want?

Of course, this is sometimes the case. Users on complex apps might not know what they want. This is where you or your team come in because no one knows your company or your customers better than you do. Think about the features that will make your app the best it can possibly be, and again, prioritize those feature releases using the same algorithm above.

So what’s this micro release stuff?

Ok, so you have your features prioritized.  The biggest mistake you want to avoid is taking huge chunks that you think your users will love you for, and working on those for months without any release updates in between.  Yes, they always love big updates, however, small updates are great fillers until you can release your grand slam. The biggest takeaway should be to keep the users of your platform happy no matter what.  Doing small releases in the meantime while your giant features are being designed and built out is a vital path to follow for success.



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