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Mossio, a website services company launches Moodily

Mossio launches Moodily, a design inspiration tool for creators

moodboard builder

As designers, we’re all visual creatures. Often times looking for inspiration before and during a project engagement. Our minds can be inspired by a wide range of things, from looking online and browsing sites, to a simple pattern we might see on fabric. It’s a vital part of the creation process to get inspired no matter how it happens. Mossio decided to create a web based inspiration builder for our internal team to quickly and easily get inspired by leveraging our inspiration mediums we use everyday.

The initial version of the internal application was rough around the edges, and not a great deal of thought went into the user experience side of the application, mainly because it was only for our internal use. However, as we continued to develop and design the platform we quickly saw how beneficial this simple inspiration builder could be to other design teams, and freelancers. So we put a list of expandable features that would drive the powers of the application to become much more enhanced.

The application user interface was designed with flexibility at the center stage. We didn’t know how large the app would scale to post launch, so it was important for us to have ability to scale up the application UI as we added more features. Essentially, we launched our MVP (minimal viable product) with a good amount of features including teams, tiered pricing options, comments on “moods” and Slack integration for Team accounts.

We envisioned the brand to be a friendly and approachable one, so we dedicated to use illustrated mascot created by Rocky Roark, and the rest of the branding elements were created in-house by our team.

Overall, the goal of the project was accomplished. We wanted to create an inspiration builder that would help us expedite the discovery of projects with our partners. We saw a need for this type of application to be publicly available to other creators and we made it happen. Go check out the inspiration builder, and be sure to check the Moodily case study to go in indepth with our creation process.