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Wyeworks partners with Mossio, a website design services agency

WyeWorks selects Mossio as its digital strategy partner

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WyeWorks is a Ruby on Rails development agency with a focus on creating powerful web-based software for large and medium-sized companies. They recently partnered with Mossio to bring their brand into a new digital light. As their lead creative agency, we’ve been tasked to create a new visual identity, along with voice and message, and a new website experience that showcases the value proposition coupled with the brand’s vibrant culture and values.

“During our engagement, our main focus will be to effectively communicate the service offerings to uncover new prospective opportunities that might otherwise be lost in complexity.” explained Mossio cofounder and Creative Lead Corey Haggard. “It’s important to uncover a strategy that humanizes the services provided by WyeWorks; a design-led, development focused experience that elevates their brand, while turning the complex into a simple story of culture and service offerings”

We’re looking forward to working with WyeWorks, to create a website and brand experience that drives awareness to their services, while delivering consistency to the customer experience.