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Mossio is a process driven studio, we put strategy and form on the top of our priorities with every single project. No matter the size of the project, a plan is vital to its success. With that said, we approach every project with a discovery phase to ensure we get off on the right foot. We follow the Google Ventures design sprint process, which is very detailed and effective in outlining projects.

During our discovery phase we uncover the layers of the project one day at a time. We start with review and research to understand your customer base. We study demographics, site and app statistics, and use patterns and other metrics to determine the right plan of action. We never design without the user in mind, and these data metrics are our digital compass for success.

Nothing but great things to say about this team. The tools they use to get the job done is simply epic. They have changed our agency experience for sure.
Jason Wiener - Hyperdrive

Critical path

We're not good at guessing, so we don't apply that to our projects. During the initial stages of strategy, we will complete a critical path of how your customers or users interact with your product or service. This gives our team insight into all the tasks that need to complete your project so we can prioritize.


Getting a good sense of what users or customers need to accomplish when they interact with a product or service is vital for setting the project up for success. Learning the ins and outs of different personas will help guide the project in the right direction.

Collaboration sketching

As a collaborative studio, we never leave our clients wondering if their input will ever be implemented. During our discovery and strategy phases, we perform collaborative sketching with your team so we can get an idea of what you want from the finished product.

Interactive prototyping

Our team creates interactive prototypes of your website or application during the last part of our discovery and strategy phases. These prototypes are clickable and are setup to serve as a guide of how the website or application will be laid out with functional navigation elements for a true user experience.

The most important aspect of any project is knowledge and we strive to gain as much of it as possible during our discovery and strategy phases to make sure we're not blind designing.


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