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If we build it they will come, we promise

We have a strong belief that code should be just as elegant as the design it creates. At Mossio, we have a process of development that ensures clean, maintainable code is being shipped during every step of the engineering process. We’ve curated a collaborative standards guide that serves as our digital compass in creating products.

Our engineers are passionate and knowledgeable about the products we build with our clients. We only ship code that creates digital experiences people enjoy. From websites to applications, our team carefully builds pixel perfect replicas of the designs they were given.

Mossio keeps our team so involved through the development cycle of the project, it made it so easy to transition to our dev team fully.
Tim Gerwing - Redmetrics

Frontend development

Almost everyone knows what the frontend is, even if you don’t realize it. We develop static frontend sites, and can lead you through the wild terrain of animation, implementation, and deployment, or if you prefer, we’ll just work alongside your team to help make your vision a reality.

Backend development

Now we’re really getting into web design jargon – in short, our team of engineers can build the machine that runs your website or application. We can construct native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms along with web based applications using languages such as Ruby on Rails and frameworks like Angular and node.js.

Functionality is a thing of beauty when executed correctly. We follow a stringent set of standards that ensure our engineering process and deliverables are just as pretty as our designs.


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