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Toyota was looking to have a competition based on highest fuel efficiency in their Prius line. We were super excited when we received the email from Allan Cairins, CEO at Hyperdrive to engage with them for this data metrics app. They looked to us to work with them to create a visual editor for teams to simulate their race.

They could test and adjust specific parameters such as speed, throttle, state of battery charge, RPM, etc. and how slight adjustments will effect that given lap as well as the race as a whole. This would allow a team’s driver to create a strategy ahead of the race and know what their stats should be at each given turn and time on the track.

Capturing so many data metrics, and putting them into a visual form was a complex task that required a team effort and a very detailed thought process.

Really loved what the Mossio team put together for this. Their team works diligently to solve complex problems and under rigorous restrictions, hit the target spot on.
Jason Wiener - CEO Hyperdrive

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